Friday, June 24, 2011

Empires and Allies day 2

It has been a few days since playing the game, even though I have been getting gads of requests and gifts from Facebook friends who play the game. It’s been difficult to find the time.

So a few minutes were spent accepting gifts and requests. I thought it was weird that I still had not filled my Parliament building, so spent some precious badges to finish it up so I could continue the game. I find myself hoarding cash in these games because I outright refuse to spend real world money for them. I  am not opposed to taking it slow.

I am still at level 6, but am enjoying having a linear mission structure to follow along with the building up game play.

One of my level 50 friends decided to invade my poor level 6 island. Despite that being a brutal game play decision on his part, actually gives me incentive to level up so I can whoop him sooner rather later. That or find some tough friends to do it for me.

I quickly ran out of energy today which kept this play time to about a half hour.

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