Saturday, June 25, 2011

Empires and Allies day 3

Started having some fun today by defeating a couple of level ten friends while I was only a level 7. The payoff of defeating others was rewarding. It felt pretty good getting a ton of their loot.

I was pleased to see that one of my neighbors had come to fend off that level fifty who had invaded my island. I am not sure what block infamy hearts will give me in the end. Clicking on everything seems to be the pay off, in addition to the daily rewards for playing consecutively.

I am on day 3 and leaving on vacation for a week tonight. I’ve decided to take the laptop so I can at least log in each day to see if the this daily reward chain will be worth it.

Big annoyance is that I need certain items before I can progress with my research station whch enables me to upgrade my soldiers. Rather than choosing from a list of people who already play the game, I have to select from my entire list of Facebook friends. That is super annoying - both to me, and I’m sure to them. At least in CityVille you were given the option to only ask your Cityville friends so you were’nt bugging people who didn’t want to play, every single day. For that reason it may slow down my progression because I refuse to spam all my friends, and I don’t really want to spend the time picking out my actual neighbors from the list. Super annoying.

I am going to look online if there is a web board for people to accept gifts. I found one while playing Cityville which made getting certain items a lot easier. I wonder if they have done something with this game to prohibit those kinds of short cuts. I must find out.

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