Friday, July 15, 2011

Family Village Day 2

So I turned on the music this time and it was old time upbeat music that fit well. I was discouraged to find that though I had only been away for a few hours, the jobs that I had started for myself, my mom and my dad had already expired. Made me wonder how often you have to check in just to progress in the game.

I set myself back to work to accomplish the only goal I had with the exception of buying a business I could not afford. I noticed that I had three neighbors I could visit, so I did, but when I got to their games II was not sure what to do there. There were help tokens on the left side, but as far as I could tell there was nothing I could do except invite people to visit me back. Upon getting back to my game, one of the people I had invited was already visiting me. It was cool to see them visit in real time and I have often wished that Cityville had this feature.

Something to note as well is that the other two people had not made it as far as I had in my five minutes of playing the game. The sounds were humorous when I set a village member to work as a “whisper catcher in the library”. A voice could be heard saying “shhhhh be quiet”.

Also, the game made its first attempt to locate one of my family members. It thought my dad was some dude in Minnesota, and of course I promptly set it straight.

For some reason I was awarded some village cash and I bought a school house. And that is as far as I was able to progress. The game has some serious flaws, but I must admit that Day 2 was better than Day 1.

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