Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monster World Day 1

Another virtual world game akin to Farmville and the like. I am almost finding it confusing to have so many similar type games going at once and keeping track of how they all work with their slight differences.

My first thought was that I am really liking the fun art style and cute animations of the characters. I think it really adds a lot to the game play. The initial goals were simple and very quick, I never had to wonder what to do next while I got my bearings on the game. I accomplished lots of planting and harvesting right off the bat that was quick and easy.

Where I kind of hit a brick wall and stopped playing for the night is when I made it to level 3 and the game crashed. No matter what, it kept crashing and reloading and I would have to repeat what I had done to level up to level 3 again. On the third crash I said screw it, and turned the game off. We’ll  see if this issue happens again on Day 2.

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