Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Village Day 3

Once again my jobs had expired a few hours later and I had to ask friends to recover them. Totally lame! Seriously, how often do I have to play this game?

I was then notified of a newspaper article that the game had found about my mother, and asked if it was my relative. I said yes and it tried to make me buy the documentation for 5 village bucks. I have no village bucks, so it would cost real world money to buy it - I don’t think so. I am not even sure what that documentation would benefit me in the game, and it is kind of creepy.

I found a new business I could buy without inserting my credit card and set my avatar to work.

I tried visiting friends again, but still not sure what to do in their worlds. I tried clicking on everything, scratch that, I just got one of the other avatars to cut down a tree, and now consequently have figured out that my avatar can chop down all my crappy trees too. Progress.

I spent some time completing some goals and finding my family tree, using only my facebook friends, which made it easy to add family members with a couple clicks. I added my wife, and most of my brothers and sisters. It will be interesting to see what the game does with that info the next day i log in.

I was happy to see more goals/tutorials that were fast and easy to complete actually showed me how to play the game. It also helped me level up a little faster and make me feel rewarded as a player.

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